Staff Training

Your team is your number one resource for connecting with guests, they are the face of your restaurant, and they have the power to dazzle customers! The beverage list can be intimidating for some servers, and without confidence in selling them, that may lead to lower sales overall. This is why taking the time to learn how to sell wine and other beverages as a server is crucial.

We organize short, practical sessions or longer courses adapted and curated to your requirements to assist your team in advising and professionally communicating with the guests.

  • Category focused trainings depending upon your beverage list.
  • In-depth focus on wine-by-the glass program.
  • What's actually on the menu or what you have in stock.
  • What drinks pair with dishes on your menu.
  • How to talk intelligently about the beverages with your guests
  • How to serve beverages to guests?
  • Tasting notes
  • Upselling tips and techniques

And Much More !

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