Whisky, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it's time to drink.

Haruki Murakami

The world's 1st and UK's only accredited training course about Whisky. It is a fun and interactive training programme designed specifically for the Licensed Trade. The programme is accredited by BIIAB, the UK's leading provider of qualifications for the licensed trade.


The Whisky Ambassador programme is the original accredited Scotch Whisky training course. Designed both for the Licensed trade and those seeking a comprehensive grasp of Scotch, the course gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to talk to customers about Scotland's national drink, furthermore improving customer experience and exponentially increasing sales of Scotland in a glass.®

Having been established for a number of years in Scotland, the Whisky Ambassador's emphasis on immersive and interactive learning has seen the courses rapidly expand to spread intimate knowledge of Scotch whisky across 22 countries and six continents.


  • Professionals, Service, Executive staffs from F&B establishments, Hotels & Hospitality industries retailers / distributors / importers / exporters dealing with wine & spirits
  • Individuals with keen interest in whiskies
  • Individuals seeking a career in the F&B, wines & spirits and retail industries


  • The economic impact of whisky
  • Whisky by numbers, history, geography
  • Production from raw material to bottle
  • Whisky diversity, business approach
  • Glassware, presentation and sales
  • Nosing and tasting.
  • Learn the subtle differences between whiskies and confidently talk about its complexities
  • Mixers and cocktails
  • Drink less. Drink better


The aim of the course is to show how to identify and satisfy customer needs and to provide a useful insight into the career progression to becoming a whisky ambassador.

  • Enhance Experience
  • Increase Knowledge
  • Uplift in Sales (64% increase in Whisky sales reported)
  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Staff Motivation

Focus on the whiskies of the world

  • Bourbon
  • Tennessee
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • Japanese
  • Taiwanese
  • Indian
  • European


At the end of our course day there is a practical and written assessment. The assessment lasts for 45 minutes and consists of a 30-question multiple choice exam and a practical assessment consisting of four whiskies to be identified using nosing and/or tasting. In order to pass the exam, candidates must correctly answer 21 out of 30 questions and correctly identify at least 2 of the 4 whiskies.


The delegate's tests are sent to Scotland for grading.Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate suitable for framing and a lapel pin from The Whisky Ambassador will be awarded.You can proudly call yourself an Ambassador of this great product and wear your badge with pride.


Candidates must be over the legal minimum age for the retail purchase of alcoholic beverages in the country where the examination is being held.


Whisky Ambassador Venue Accreditation

Venues that show an extraordinary passion for Whisky and who are proud to ensure outstanding customer service can now apply to become accredited venues by having certified Whisky Ambassadors.

How Will You Benefit?

  • Exclusive Whisky Ambassador, Decal
  • Discounted Whisky Ambassador Training
  • Promotion on the official The Whisky Ambassador website
  • Discounted Whisky Tasting and Sampling events at your venue
  • Access to our network of Whisky personalities, Mixologists, Scottish Brand Ambassadors, Bar Consultants and Suppliers.

Qualifying Criteria

Venues must be committed to the following:

  • Employing at least two Certified Whisky Ambassadors
  • Having at least one Whisky Ambassador on shift at all times
  • Stocking Blended and Grain Whisky from Scotland