"When it comes to wine, I tell people to throw away the vintage charts and invest in a corckscrew. The best way to learn about wine is in drinking."

Alexis Lichine

We at Barrels & Beyond™ believe in the same ideology. We invested in the corkscrew two decades ago and since then we never stopped using it. The more we used it, more we learnt and discovered interesting facts and nuances about wines.

We at Barrels & Beyond™, we are educators, travellers, mere explorers in pursuit of perfection. We love to share our passion, our knowledge. We inspire people. We'll literally go beyond boundaries to provide you the best beverage educational experience.

Wine is our passion and education is our mission. We believe in inspiring and empowering you to discover the world of wine. This core value is at the heart of everything we do. If you have always wanted to learn more about wine from passionate industry professionals that have been in your shoes, then Barrels & Beyond™ is the right place

The only thing we want you to do is to invest in a corkscrew.

Meet the man behind Barrels & Beyond

Bharat Singh Rathore

BSR, known amongst his friend.

A Hands-on individual with more than 20 years of hospitality experience.

Bharat hails from a vibrant UNESCO World heritage city in India. Wit, Pure brilliance and a great sense of humor set him apart. He is dedicated to learning about wines and whiskies of the world and has spent a good part of his life in this pursuit and he still continues to study with immense curiosity.

Driven by a quest in pursuit of latest development and to keep abreast with the latest trends, he has attended many wine & spirits exhibitions around the world. He has also visited many wine regions and distilleries around the world and on every occasion had learnt a great deal both on cultural and a personal level. Bharat is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, UK. He is an accredited International Bordeaux Wine Educator with the official Conseil Interprofessionnel du vin de Bordeaux (CIVB).

He is also a Certified Level 3 in Wines & Spirits from WSET along with the proficiency level in Spirits. He is also a Certified Whisky Ambassador, the world's First accredited whisky training program. The program is accredited by BIIAB, the UK's leading provider of qualifications for the licensed trade. When Bharat isn't busy traveling and educating, he can be found reading books, which he never finishes or watch movies and interesting thing is, he still carries the corkscrew, which he bought 2 decades ago.