Australian Wine Discovered is offered in UAE by Barrels & Beyond

Wine Australia is developing a new education program to be widely distributed in international markets. The program aims to increase the perception of, and demand for, Australian wine and wine tourism among consumers and wine trade.

There are 25 programs, under 3 core curriculums, specific to Australian wine ranging from beginner to advanced levels, which include:

A. Australian Varieties

1. Grenache & Blends 2. Shiraz & Blends
3. Chardonnay 4. Cabernet Sauvignon & Blends
5. Pinot Noir 6. Riesling
7. Alternative Varieties                  8. Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc

B. Australian Regions

1. Barossa 2. Hunter Valley            
3. Margaret River 4. McLaren Vale
5. Mornington Peninsula 6. Tasmania
7. Yarra Valley 8. Adelaide Hills
9. Clare Valley 10. Coonawarra
11. Langhorne Creek  

C. Topical Programs

1. Introduction to Wine 2. Foundations of Australian Wine
3. Australian's Old Vines                            4. Sustainable Viticulture & Winemaking
5. Australian Sparkling Wines 6. Aged Australian Wine
7. Organic and Biodynamic Wine  

Foundations of Australian Wine

Foundations of Australian Wine is the first out of 25 programs in the Australian Wine Discovered series, of which the topic framework is specific to Australian wine. 6 wines from different regions in Australia will be tasted. Participants of the program will receive an official certificate issued by Wine Australia acknowledging your attendance.



Australia is home to some of the oldest vines in the world. Generations of caring, innovative winemakers have helped shape some of Australia's classic wine styles while they also look at new ways to help them thrive in the future.


Australian Varieties: Riesling

Renowned for its purity and freshness, Riesling is one of Australia's premier and most exciting white grape varieties. Riesling is a delicate, expressive and versatile variety that benefits from a minimalist winemaking approach. Australia is home to some of the world's oldest Riesling vines and a leading global producer.


Australian Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon

A comprehensive guide to this rich variety covering its history, viticulture and winemaking, renowned regions, blending and unique tastes and characteristics. Beauty is so much more than skin-deep with Cabernet Sauvignon, despite this deeply colored black grape variety being so striking. Under the surface, Cabernet Sauvignon boasts lots of tannin, bright acidity and easily recognizable aromas.